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Dancing 55+

Move Well Active

Interactive, fun and energetic movement to music!

Dancing 55+

Moving to music creates interaction, fun and energy! Move Well Active is an active movement programme for people over 55, where energy is generated.

During these classes the focus is on energy and moving freely, while being in your own strength. 

This programme is also suitable for people with neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s and MS.

‘I am so happy with the emotion that Annemarie creates in me with her class. It is also special that thanks to this class I dare to take on physical challenges that I am surprised about due to the consequences of a CVA’.

Participant – Ketsya Hiariej

Dancing is healthy

Dancing appears to have all kinds of benefits for both body and mind (Fancourt & Finn, 2019). Some of the findings:

• Dancing contributes to: flexibility, strength, condition, posture, coordination

• Dancing reduces the risk of falling in the elderly.

• Dancing improves memory, balance, concentration. Partly because moving to music has such a positive effect on the brain.

• Dancing (moving to music) is more effective than sport for people who want to lose weight. Partly because dancing improves body awareness and contributes to physical confidence.


Monday’s 10:15 to 11:15 am

Scapino Ballet Rotterdam Eendrachtsstraat 8
3012XL Rotterdam


 1 free class
 strip card 10 classes €100 *
 single class € 12

*The strip card is valid indefinitely

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Move Well Active takes place in Scapino Ballet Rotterdam

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The classes are given by former dancer of Scapino Ballet, Annemarie Labinjo-van der Meulen. Annemarie has 11 years of experience in the field of dance and health, where she provides lessons for people with rheumatism, Parkinson’s, ABI, dementia and MS.


Livestream class Mondays from 13:45-14:45.

Move with us from your own and safe environment.


Annemarie’s dance classes changed my life. Freedom, felt in my body,  took over my life, And it released joy. 

I am a new Kate!’

Kate Nobbs

‘It is truly a total experience, a class from Annemarie, a blessing for body and mind!

Sabine Woertman

‘The danceclass from Move Well Active makes me happy, energetic and above all dancing makes my stiff muscles and joints loosen’.


José van Berkel