Feel better and move freer

Moving with Rheumatism

Move Well Flow

Do you have rheumatism and would you like to feel better while moving?

This movement programme for people with rheumatism is an excellent way to improve your general wellbeing. 

1stMove’s tailor made programme can help with flexibility, relaxation, pain and stress reduction.

‘In addition to more flexibility, my self-esteem has increased as well as and my self-confidence.’

Participant – Martha Keulen

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Effect moving on music in a group for people with rheumatism

In 2014, an investigation was conducted into dance and rheumatism in collaboration with Maasstad Hospital Rotterdam. The results of the study included that the participants felt more souple, engaged in more social activities, experienced less pain because the perception of pain changed and therefore needed fewer painkillers. The fear of moving also changed from “I can’t move” to “I can move”.

Based on the research, a tailor-made movement programme on music has been developed for people with rheumatism.

During the classes you move in a pleasant, responsible and inclusive way. By making soft movements, joints become souple and the movements can be performed within your own possibilities. Sitting on a chair, standing or in space. Moving to music also supports staying fit and independent for as long as possible. Muscle strength, flexibility, posture, coordination,  condition and balance are all stimulated. Breathing also becomes more conscious.

Classes studio Livestream

Monday 13:45 to 14:45

Scapino Ballet Rotterdam

Eendrachtstraat 8
3012 XL Rotterdam 

1 free class
 Strip card 10 classes €100*

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Move Well Flow is a programme offered both online and in a dance studio

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The classes are given by former dancer of Scapino Ballet, Annemarie Labinjo-van der Meulen. Annemarie has 11 years of experience in the field of dance and health, where she provides lessons for people with rheumatism, Parkinson’s, ABI, dementia and MS.


Livestream class Mondays from 13:45-14:45.

Move with us from your own and safe environment.


‘A dance class is a great way to move (usually sitting on a chair) to keep your body fit and to work on your condition.’

‘It gives me a lot of energy and I forget the pain and the worries. I enjoy going to the dance class and come back happy. Annemarie not only focuses on movement, but also on people. Her stories and the music have great added value in moving.’

Cock Schimmel

‘I think of the very first lesson when it was still a pilot.

I was moved to tears because I could do more than I thought.
During the lessons with Annemarie I became more grounded, I was more sure. I relaxed because of the cradle movements, which is very nice, my muscles are tight.’

‘What it does to me every day is, I am aware of my movements and breathing.’

Marianne van Oosterwijk

‘A dance class makes me forget everything, as if I am in a wonderland with beautiful music.

The rheumatism pain also comes to the background and I live in a different world for a while. Sometimes I feel like a real dancer, despite all my limitations!‘

‘It is very important to me that since I joined the rheumatism dance group, my condition has improved a lot and I can do much more than before! It belongs together, moving to music and having the Rheumatism is an excellent combination! Also in your head the attention for the ever-present joint pains goes out and maybe it will be that I can start using less medicines.’

‘Of course and with experience, the guidance and guidance of the teacher is of great importance. Annemarie sensed exactly what a person with rheumatism could handle in terms of dancing. For that reason alone, a dance group for people with rheumatism can grow into several rheumatism dance groups in the Netherlands.’

Joke de Vries